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Cloud Computing: A Simple Explanation

A lot of people ask me to give a simple explanation regarding the term Cloud Computing. The reason why you read quite a lot about Cloud Computing is that IT companies are hyping this term as the next big thing since the invention of the light bulb.

Cloud Computing is computation, software, data access and storage services that don't need end-user knowledge of the particular physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. You can actually compare it with the electrical power grid, you don't require the specialized knowledge to use it. Just plug in the device and you will be ready to go!

The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawing used to represent the Internet in computer network diagrams.The concept isn't new and has been around for decades. Years ago the IT companies tried to market this concept already but this wasn't a success. The reason for this was that you needed a fast and reliable Internet connection, and at the time if they were available, they came at a hefty price.

Nowadays almost everyone has access to the internet via a fast broadband connection. This removes the bandwidth problem and information is sent at a lightning fast speed around the globe. Almost all companies use fast Internet connections, because the Internet is used in a big part of their business and prices for connections have dropped significantly.

An example of a Cloud based service is Google's Gmail. You can sign up to an account and send e-mail to colleagues or friends around the globe, without having any sort of technical knowledge of the way that e-mail works. Google has all the specialized expertise and networking infrastructure to manage the e-mail traffic. The benefit is that you don't lose valuable time on the technical stuff and enables you to focus on your business!

The introduction flat fee Internet and the Smartphone like the iPhone or Android phones in combination with mobile Internet plans, caused a fast adaptation of Cloud technology.

If you want to have a location independent business, Cloud Computing is the way to go! Instead of running applications locally on your computer and store data your self, they run on a shared data center maintained by the best industry experts. For example, you can configure your Smartphone to connect to your favorite e-mail Cloud service and carry your e-mail with you wherever you go. Your e-mail is stored in the Cloud and you can access it on your Smartphone or any computer, no data is stored on the device itself. Because you can "plug in everywhere", this has several advantages for you:

You are able to access all programs as well as data using your browser.
You can get started very quickly
The costs are much less when compared to conventional software programs
You don't need to have your own servers and storage
No software set up necessary
You don't have to update your software programs
No specialized knowledge required
The service is often at no cost or via predictable regular monthly subscription

Some popular cloud services are:

Amazon EC2/S3
for gamers there are Sony's PlayStation Network or Microsoft's Xbox Live.

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Are You Actively Syncing Your iPhone and iPad?

Do you use an iPhone or iPad? If you do, you'll know how great it is to access your calendar, email, and contacts while on the go. A great benefit to using these tools on the go happens when they're actively synchronized. If the info is outdated, your mobile computing device isn't going to be as useful to you.

Active Syncing

With active iPhone or iPad syncing, you're assured that your iPhone or iPad will contain current information as new info will be pushed to you as it's available. You won't have to manually get emails and if you use calendar functions, especially for work, your calendar can stay up to date with any new meetings that are scheduled (avoid double booking) or cancellations (avoid missing information and wasting time).

Tools that exist to make mobile email, calendar, and contact management easier for users can make a big difference to productivity. Not only can you be sure that you're getting information pushed to you but some tools exist that help with spam, malicious attacks, and more.

Benefits of syncing tool usage could include:

-Filtering. Email filtering could include anti spam protection. Don't waste time reading messages that you don't need to read. You can also have out of office replies and message filtering so that you could have the emails you need to see forwarded to you and the others filed for reading when you're not on the go.

-Security. You don't want active syncing to impact your security. Mail tools can help quarantine malicious attachments. They can also include tools that will lock and / or wipe clean your personal data in the event your phone is lost or stolen.

-Backup. You can often schedule backups, retrieve deleted emails, and have backup information in the event of hardware failures.

Your iPhone and iPad can be great tools for working and staying in touch while on the go. They don't come pre-packaged with every option so it's prudent to look at various applications and software solutions that could help you make even more use of your mobile computing devices.

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The Inside of an iPhone

The Apple iPhone has brought about a revolution in the world of consumer electronics. In 2007 it was Steve Jobs who mentioned it in his key address at Macworld Conference & Expo.

Initially in the hands of Jobs it looked like a slim black triangle lacking in animation. Then the touch of Jobs on its screen was like a magic wand. All on a sudden the stodgy lifeless black rectangle came to life - the surface began to throb with animation. The fingers of Job slid around the screen moving an arrow to unlock the phone. To many it is this that is most amazing feature of the marvel that is the iPhone - the connection between the finger and the image on the screen.

There are plenty of other features. The iPhone is more akin to a palmtop computer rather than the cellular phone. As with the typical smart phones the iPhone can be used to make as well as receive phones. One can view movies, hear music, browse through the web as well as operate e-mails. Messages too can be sent like the conventional SMS. Inside it there is a camera for taking photographs. Pictures can be transferred from the computer to the iPhone by the use of special software. The iPhone allows for viewing of maps and satellite information from Google.

A modified edition of Macintosh OS X operating system can also be used on Apple computers. iPhone allows interaction with these applications. Icons for each of these operations are displayed on the screen of the iPhone. It automatically controls battery power and the security devices. Similar to the computer it is amenable to multi tasks.

The iPhone dispenses with the use of a mouse or a typical keyboard. It uses buttons and controls. These appear on the screen. The touch screen of iPhone is distinct from others in many ways. Usually when the screen is touched a contact is made with a slim stylus with a point. But the iPhone makes use of the fingers. Multiple touch points are detected simultaneously. This many of the touch screen devices in the market cannot do. With each passing day touch screen technology is becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Microsoft recently introduced Surface. It is the latest in touch-sensitive computer interfacing. This will lead to a mouse-free age of the computer.

The Apple iPhone is unique by itself as regards multi touch interfacing. Apple is incorporating the touch-screen at the reverse of the iPhone rather than on the front. For enforcing this magical touch device wherein the iPhone responds to the touch of the fingers the technology that is used makes use of multi layered capacitive layers.

Its circuit arrangement is such that it can respond to changes at each point right through the grid. Each point on the grid, therefore, generates own signals when touched. It then relays that to the processor inside the iPhone. Thus the phone responds to multiple touches. It is the fingers alone that bring to life the iPhone.

Thus the most important parts are the processor and the software of the iPhone. The processor makes use of the software to understand the data that comes through - that is find out the nature of each touch. The processor measures the difference between the point of start and end of the touch. The processor then relays the instruction to the programme.

With only one button on the front surface the Apple iPhone is weaving this magic. Pressing it one goes to the main screen where there are icons for using the four primary functions.

Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil

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iPhone Wake on LAN

First things first: Wake on LAN

Or, how you can turn on computers through the network

That's right. Everything can be accomplished by an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on (or woken up) by a network message, that is called Wake-on-LAN, or in short, WoL. Since this is an Ethernet standard, it will ONLY work on your Ethernet card (no, it does not work on wireless cards attached to your PC).

The support for Wake-on-LAN is implemented on the motherboard of a computer and the network interface. It is not at all dependent on the Operating System you are running.

So, tell me, does your motherboard - network card support WoL?? It's a pretty diffused standard, so your computer should very likely support it too.

Enabling Wake on LAN capabilities

To do this, you must enter into the computer BIOS. Usually, you just need to press F1, or F2, or Del keys right after you turn on your PC. If the Operating System starts to load, then you have lost your chance, and need to restart again!

I have an IBM Netvista desktop computer, and for me I had to press F1. Once you are inside, start search for the menu item "Wake on LAN", or anything similar. In my IBM PC, it was under the "Automatic Power On" option. Just go in there and enable that option. (If you do not see the images, go to the bottom of the article and click on the link)

Now, all you need to do before going to your iPod is to find your computer MAC Address.

You can do that by running from the command prompt (start -> run-> cmd) "ipconfig /all". Look for your ethernet card and copy the MAC address value somewhere.

Our job in the PC is done... now, hands on our iPhone / iPod Touch

Let's say that the "hard" work is done. Now all you have to do is, install some iPhone Wake on LAN applications. I personally tested three of them: NetAwake, RemoteBoot and AWOL.

By the way: Did I mention that these applications are FREE?


This is a screenshot for the NetAwake Application. Very simple: Just add your computer name and MAC Address, and press the nice shiny button "Wake":-)

You can add as many pc's as you want. But this one has also a "help" button with the following items:

1. what is NetAwake?

2. How do I add a computer?

3. How do I enable Wake-on-LAN?

4. How do I find my computer's MAC address?

5. Why doesn't my computer wake up?

So there you have it, simple. And if you want, you also get the help.


AWOL requires a little bit more of information about your network. As NetAwake, you need the MAC Address, but here you also need to put the Broadcast address and Port.

The Broadcast address is the last address of your network. So for example, if your IP address is, then the broadcast address for your network is

For the port, you will just have to try. According to the standard, the "magic packet" is always sent to ports 0, 7 or 9. So just try those, and it should work.

RemoteBoot Lite

And the last one is RemoteBoot. With this application, you can save up to 5 Hosts, and you can also configure the broadcast address and port.

A little help is also found on the usual "i" button.

To learn more about iPhone Wake on LAN visit my link at

Stock Research - Apple Computer Rocks World with NEW PHONE

It is extremely rare in the business world to find a corporation that starts a revolution, and then the very same company leads another revolution. Steve Jobs who runs Apple Computer successfully stood the computer world on its high legs, and then shook its foundation when he created with his associates the very first personal computer. Yes, there were others before him, but they were nothing in comparison to the Apple. The operating system that Apple uses is still acknowledged to be vastly superior to anything that giant Microsoft has ever come out with.

Jobs did make one mistake however, and this mistake cost him his only opportunity to become the richest man in the world. Several decades ago, Apple had the opportunity to license the operating system to other personal computer manufacturers. Jobs made the mistake of believing that it was ABOUT THE HARDWARE. In reality, it was about the software.

Apple never licensed the software, and Microsoft did, which allowed the inferior Microsoft system to become the industry standard, which it still remains today. Gates became the richest man in the world, while Jobs had to settle for selling Apple personal computers with the software embedded into the hardware.

As an aside, the best investment Jobs ever made was probably the 10 million he put up to buy half of Pixar films. Disney passed on that $10 million deal, instead choosing to pay $4 billion plus for the same $10 million dollar investment that Jobs made, only it was several years later.

Jobs' creation of the iPod revolutionized the music industry, which has experienced no growth for years until Apple came along and sold a 100,000,000 iPods that required music and its associated royalty fees. The music industry should give an award ceremony just for Apple.

Now Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, soon to become Apple Inc. are at it again. This time Jobs and company have created a cell phone device that threatens to create hegemony over the entire cell phone industry. The problem today with sophisticated cell phones is that they are too difficult to operate. The buttons on the blackberry require that you use a stylus to trigger them. Another cell phone, the Treo is not that much better in terms of operational design features.

What Jobs has done for this industry is take it to the next level, and what a level it is. It really shouldn't be called an iPhone. The phone features of this device are probably the least interesting. I have spoken to two technology mavens that have access to this new device, and their features startled both. This is the equivalent of going from silent films to the talking movie era.

Imagine yourself struggling with the Blackberry small buttons or the Sony Treo? Now along comes the iPhone. There are practically no buttons on the device. It's got a very large screen, which dominates the front of the device, and it is a touch screen. You operate it by finger alone. It scrolls the various listing almost like a roulette wheel. It slows down, and zeros in on the item you want. As it is slowing down, you have the opportunity to re-engage the scroller. It's almost as if it has artificial intelligence built into it - that's how good the user interface is.

This flicking or scrolling feature also applies to iTunes software and your photo collection, address book, videos, and podcasts. With a 3.5 inch screen, movies are far superior to previous Apple products, and there's real time e-mail delivery similar to a corporate Blackberry but without the extra fees involved.

Now without the small keys that I have on my Blackberry, you have to touch the screen of the Apple to send messages. It is clearly not as precise as the tactile response of a Blackberry, but the software wildly overcomes that deficit. The Apple software has spelling correction software built into it, so if you hit the wrong key the device corrects it.

Browsing the web with this device is a mindblower due to what is called the "Pinch feature". You can take a Web page that you are looking at, and with your thumb and forefinger pinch the picture wider or narrower, higher or lower. The real beauty here is the simplicity of the entire device.

Most products that are designed by engineers are created with an added level of complexity built into it. It's like a writer that wants to use words that very few people understand. Why do people design like this? It's because they want to impress themselves, and others with their brainpower. What is more interesting is how such designs survive to become marketed products.

The American car market self-destructed when for 20 years, the companies were run by financial / accounting types, not people who LOVED CARS. Apple has clearly developed a corporate culture that puts functional design first, and engineers, and software geeks second. From the PC to the iPod, and now the iPhone, we have a history of fabulous, sterling products coming out of this American design factory.

These guys even put the speaker on the bottom front edge of the product . I have a Motorola Razor that when I put down in the car, I can't hear it when it rings, the speaker is on the back. You will notice that Motorola stock took a hit to the downside this week with the unveiling of the iPhone. Apple's new product is not cheap. It will sell between $500 and $600 per phone depending upon storage capability. Cingular will be the only carrier at the moment.

So the real question is at this price point how much of the market can the iPhone capture. My firm's answer is plenty. Apple is looking to ship 10 million phones by the end of 2008. This equals about 1 percent of annual worldwide cell phone sales. We think that the sales goal is easily achievable.

You can buy a Blackberry, Treo, or Razor cell phone for $200 to $300. You still need an iPod if you are into music. The iPod sells for a couple of hundred dollars by itself. At some point Cingular, or other cell phone companies will be kicking in part of the cost in order to get subscribers. That amount is usually up to $100 per phone. We see people standing on line to get this product. Will you be one of them, I will?

People pay big bucks for snob appeal and status, and this product qualifies for the ultimate status definition. Status is buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't know. Stay tune for more.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Richard Stoyeck’s background includes being a limited partner at Bear Stearns, Senior VP at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, Arthur Andersen, and KPMG. Educated at Pace University, NYU, and Harvard University, today he runs Rockefeller Capital Partners and


Will the iPhone Change the Face of Personal Computing?

The new 3G Apple iPhone was released recently, to an audience who were pretty much on the edge of their seats with anticipation. The reviews have been largely favourable, with many bordering on zealous, such as the review by Alex Iskold on Read Write Web. In the review, which really isn't all that long, Iskold manages to tell us seven times that the iPhone is the new personal computer. In fact, according to Iskold, the new iPhone is the world's first really personal computer, and he seems pretty excited about that.

The new iPhone even has non-techies raving about its easy-to-use platform and wide range of applications. Pandora, the new music application that allows users to effectively create their own radio stations, has exceeded all expectations and proven to be the most popular application that Apple has in its vast and well-stocked stable.

Social media addicts will be pleased to note that nearly all their favourite sources, such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook and Flickr are available on the iPhone. Social networks that are not currently available are working hard to change their status, so expect to see the range grow as more and more companies clamber on the iPhone bandwagon.

The new iPhone has also kept up with the trend to optimise geographic locations for users. New applications are now capable of putting locations in context, so no matter where you are, you're never more than a couple of buttons away from the nearest restaurants, bookshops or theatres. And if you need a map to find these recommended destinations, the iPhone will provide you with that too.

The new iPhone has just about all the applications and features that anyone could possibly wish for, except, apparently, cut and paste. Some people don't really care too much for the readily available maps, social networking or video capabilities of the new iPhone; all that concerns them is that there is no copy and paste clipboard. According to John Gruber, it's not even a simple concern, but a burning question among iPhone users. A burning question that Apple product head Greg Joswiak addressed by explaining that Apple has a long list of priority features that they aim to introduce to the iPhone, and that they got as far down that list as they could with the new 3G iPhone. So basically, they'll get to it, they just have other things that they deem to be more important.

And in the grand scheme of emailing, text messaging, picture taking, photo managing, video capturing, music playing and location mapping, not to mention telephone calling, who can blame them for sticking cutting and pasting at the lower end of the to-do list?

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